Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The End of an Era, Schedules, and Transparency

So, the end of an era dawns on me. The ending of my spring term, my second full term in college, ends in a few weeks. I've been making good grades (I probably have the lowest grade in anthropology), and I can't complain. Now that I'm contemplating my summer schedule (in which I will take about three or four classes), I need to figure out not only what subjects I'm taking, but also which teachers I will be instructed by.

Needless to say, I'm very specific about my teachers. I either "click" with them, or I don't. If I do get along with the professor, I usually get good grades, participate in the subject matter/class, etc. However, if I don't get along with the teacher, my mind tends to wander, I get distracted, I fidget, I draw... you name it. Hence, I flunk out.

This semester, I have found two great teachers at my college. My math teacher, Mr. Flax, and my biology teacher, Mr. Mann. I have signed up for Mr. Mann's biology II course over the summer. Both teachers are very passionate about the subject and very thorough in their presentations and lectures. Now, I'm not a fan of math, but Mr. Flax is very aloof and carefree and makes the class very funny and relaxing. But, he's actually serious about math and gets his message across. Mr. Mann is also awesome, and it helps that I'm very interested in biology, as it is my college major.


On another note, I've been thinking about my transparency lately. I would absolutely love to be a "translator" for autistic behavior, exposing things that "set me off", delight me, etc. Would this help any of my followers? I don't know how revealing I'll actually be, but I'll reveal as much as I feel appropriate.


  1. Sara, I appreciate your transparency with autism. Not only do I learn much, you are also an inspiration to me!