Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Genotypes, Schultz, Jobs, and Life

Why the title?

Because I'm bored, for one. I'm sitting in my biology class, and the teacher is going over genetic inheritance, something that I know a lot about. Because I have McCune-Albright Syndrome, I had to undergo multiple genetic testings and screenings. I've seen my chromosomes, my blood, my brain, my bones. After a million-and-one misdiagnoses, treatments (some of which did more harm than good), and a timespan of four years, the doctors finally came up with the correct diagnosis. Oddly enough, McCune-Albright syndrome is a genetic syndrome, but it isn't one that can be inherited (as far as doctors know). I should be on a [H]ouse episode.

Not to mention that Autism is a genetic condition, but that's a given...

I've applied for a summer job, yet again. The only other job that I have actually applied for was at the local Zoo, in which I never heard back from. This time, it's at the local dolphinarium, being a photographer. Even though I do technically get to get in the water with the dolphins, I don't get to touch them, or train them, or whatever. I simply get to take photos of the participating guests. But hey, I love photography, and I have been wanting this job for a while now. I've got an interview set up for this Saturday at 9am (that doesn't count the one hour drive I have each way).

I have fallen in love with the show "Wild Recon" and its host, Donald Schultz. I've been talking to him on and off, and he seems to really admire me and the work I do. Here's some of what he has written to me:

hey Sara, you rock hun! in another life I might be as good as you are, and I would love my life!! cheers! DS

Sara, I would love to meet you too! You are one of my heros! I will def let you know when I am coming to FL. I should be there soon, going to the Bahamas for sharks!!

So this means that I will probably have to skip a few days of school to have some fun. I hope my teachers don't mind, but I'm sure they will. Goodbye, perfect attendance record. Thankfully, my biology teacher is a herper, so I think he will be the one who will most likely give me a slide...

Monday, March 8, 2010


I can't believe Ric O'Barry won the Oscar for "The Cove" last night. Not that it doesn't focus on dolphin slaughter in Japan, which I'm totally against, but it blows the captivity industry WAY out of the water.

First of all, Ric has accused the Marine Mammal "abusement" parks of starving their animals. If this is the case, why then, pray tell, is there a huge concern about cetacean obesity? Here are a couple photos to prove my point:

Hug Me by ~vialtemptress on deviantART

Also, here's a video of Jack Hanna, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ric O'Barry, and Thad Lacinak face off on "Larry King Live" to talk about cetacean captivity. Watch it here.

There are a million things I can lament upon about Ric O'barry and his false accusations, but I am going to stop, otherwise I'll be in a bad mood all day... scratch that, I'll be in an even worse mood all day!

I found an article on Facebook that talks about Mr. O'Barry's real past, and I will quote it here:
"There is no doubt, that if you work in any field on marine animal health care, you will hear of the name Ric O' Barry. He has become the staple of marine animal activity as George Lucas is for the Star Wars franchise. Trainers far and wide have heard about him. And now, even more people will, thanks to this recent documentary that he has put together called "the Cove". There are many who see this man's message as a reasonable explaination for breaking the law and setting exotic animals free into the ocean. And then, there are others who just see him as........ just a dumb retard who lost sight of reality. I am on the side of the latter end. I am a marine animal trainer, a conservationist, and an educator, and I've listened to many tales of Ric's attempts to "do the right thing" when it comes to dolphins. I've hated his guts for years because of his reckless, irresponsible, dumb, idiot ideas based on his personal beliefs. Of course this all of a bias approach... ;)
I actually worked with someone who knew Ric while he was on the Flipper TV show. Ric was NEVER an official trainer of dolphins. Let's just clear this up right now. Back then, there were no official trainers to hire for the production company. Ric was an underwater camera specialist. The reason he keeps bringing up the trainer part is cause they needed a production crew member to handle the dolphins while setting up for the next shots. Ric was eager to step in and do it, not having any previous experience, but then again who did in those days. Just because he got to feed them a couple of times a day along with the actual "non-studio contracted" training staff in the Keys, he decided to take it upon himself to be called a dolphin trainer. No one back then said otherwise. Who cared, right?
So, with this false title, he was able to glorify himself in the very small world of marine mammal trainers. He believed in this sudden realization that dolphins are not meant for human care or interference. So, as the story goes, he breaks into facilities, cuts open the gates, forces the animals out, lets them run free, get sick, then die. Yada-yada yada-yada. We all herad that part.
Now, all of his past targets have been aimed at entertainment facilities. Places like Sea World, Miami Seaquarium, Dolphin Research Center, Marineland and such have all gotten a verbal slap from this guy. But I don't want to address that stuff just yet. I want to get to this documentary about a small Japanese village that seek out these pods of dolphins to (lack of a better and more literal word) "waste" them.
Let me just say, that this is the first and probably the only time that I say an effort of O'Barry's that didn't cause me an immidiate reaction to want to shoot the fucker in the head (trust me, there have been times). As a critic, I believe he was thorough in keeping up with this story and and had a good effort to put a group of "renegade" activists together and expose this issue. NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG, the facts he was stating about Sea World obtaining some of those dolphins, the Flipper shows, dolphin releases and similar crap is still the biggest BULLSHIT INFO to me. BUT, for once, he didn't directly attack an aquarium or sea park. It was a coordinated effort to harass a high profited foreign government to show what is made by a bunch of heartless fishermen to irradicate these animals. I would have no problem sticking a speargun through any one of those fuckers through the eyeball, ESPECIALLY that "Private Space" motherfucker!! So all in all, for what it's worth, the effort to stop that yearly slaughter ceremony would be an effort I would get behind. I WOULD NOT get behind Ric O' Barry! Clear? Good."