Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Genotypes, Schultz, Jobs, and Life

Why the title?

Because I'm bored, for one. I'm sitting in my biology class, and the teacher is going over genetic inheritance, something that I know a lot about. Because I have McCune-Albright Syndrome, I had to undergo multiple genetic testings and screenings. I've seen my chromosomes, my blood, my brain, my bones. After a million-and-one misdiagnoses, treatments (some of which did more harm than good), and a timespan of four years, the doctors finally came up with the correct diagnosis. Oddly enough, McCune-Albright syndrome is a genetic syndrome, but it isn't one that can be inherited (as far as doctors know). I should be on a [H]ouse episode.

Not to mention that Autism is a genetic condition, but that's a given...

I've applied for a summer job, yet again. The only other job that I have actually applied for was at the local Zoo, in which I never heard back from. This time, it's at the local dolphinarium, being a photographer. Even though I do technically get to get in the water with the dolphins, I don't get to touch them, or train them, or whatever. I simply get to take photos of the participating guests. But hey, I love photography, and I have been wanting this job for a while now. I've got an interview set up for this Saturday at 9am (that doesn't count the one hour drive I have each way).

I have fallen in love with the show "Wild Recon" and its host, Donald Schultz. I've been talking to him on and off, and he seems to really admire me and the work I do. Here's some of what he has written to me:

hey Sara, you rock hun! in another life I might be as good as you are, and I would love my life!! cheers! DS

Sara, I would love to meet you too! You are one of my heros! I will def let you know when I am coming to FL. I should be there soon, going to the Bahamas for sharks!!

So this means that I will probably have to skip a few days of school to have some fun. I hope my teachers don't mind, but I'm sure they will. Goodbye, perfect attendance record. Thankfully, my biology teacher is a herper, so I think he will be the one who will most likely give me a slide...

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