Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Judy, an Asian elephant that I was so fortunate to work with for a day, and I.

I usually don't like to introduce myself, or rather, create a custom introduction for all of the websites that I frequent. I don't change my personality from website to website, as I am the same person every day. I don't like unexpected change, so I don't change that much.

I suppose I'll leave you with the self-description that is on my deviantArt page: "I'm an animal-loving Thespian who indulges in the pleasures of the great outdoors and the animals that live in it. My dad owns a wildlife sanctuary and I am fortunate to work with some of the world's fiercest predators such as lions, tigers, and leopards. I am actively enrolled in college, and am majoring in marine biology; from there I'm going to become a veterinarian. Finally, I have autism, and am a strong advocate for this "dis"ability."

I might also add that even though I have autism, I don't know a lot about it. I'm not super-obsessed with it, nor do I talk to a lot of people with it. Of course, I am happy to advocate for autistics, but I'm much more at ease talking about animals and their behavior. Please, treat me like a typically-functioning person, as I am one. I don't want to be bullied; this isn't the purpose of this blog. Thanks in advance.

Please also note that most of this blog will be animal-based.


  1. I saw your journal over on DA (I'm goodbye-kitty975) and was very impressed with what I saw so I followed the link. I am totally jealous of your interactions with these majestic and beautiful creatures. I also love the way you think and write. Nice work and fascinating blog :)