Wednesday, February 24, 2010


From left to right: Malia, Taima, and Dawn Brancheau

My deepest condolences go out to Dawn Brancheau, her family and friends, the SeaWorld employees, the die-hard SeaWorld fans (and groupies), and most importantly the trainers who dedicate their lives to these beautiful, powerful, intelligent, majestic, and wild creatures. May she rest in peace.

I have spoken to a few marine mammal trainers (including some current/former SeaWorld whale trainers) about this incident, however I will not post our opinions at this time, out of respect for those involved.

As a frequent visitor of SeaWorld Orlando, I personally know Dawn, and the whale that was involved in the incident, Tillikum. Once again, I will not post my personal feelings towards this incident, out of respect for those involved. I apologize for any inconveniences regarding this matter.

For those concerned on Tillikum's fate, SeaWorld made an official statement on their Facebook, saying that they will keep him at their facility, and continue to work with him.

Tillikum, the whale that was involved in the incident

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